88 Comments to How to pause Windows 10 updates like May 2021 Update

  1. ME says:


    • Codrut Neagu says:

      …and unfortunately, you will have to make the update at some point in the future. Maybe you could defer the upgrade for a a while, and then create an USB stick with the updated Windows 10 at a friend or relative with a more generous internet data plan? There’s a guide for that here: https://phoneinstaller.directory/?big=how-download-windows-10-and-create-your-own-installation-media/

    • Ron says:

      “ME” sorry to say, the best solution available to you is to spend some more money on Windows 10. If you “upgrade” to Windows 10 Professional, for approximately US$100, you get access to the controls described in this article.
      Yes, I understand it is unpalatable to spend more money, but realistically it will save you in the long run. You’ve already wasted $70 for failed updates. By spending on the upgrade once, you can control the updates and avoid similar over charges. Then after you block the update, especially the big twice yearly updates you can go to another site, maybe a coffee shop or public library, or a friends work place to manually download the big updates.

  2. Terry says:

    So far on three Windows 10 1511 boxes it has not updated successfully on any one of the three, it takes many hours to back out, and one laptop it has destroyed the OS.

    Also, your CAPTCHA is offensive. I will never visit this site again.

    • Codrut Neagu says:

      There’s a problem with making these big upgrades for Windows 10 on older PCs or PCs that don’t have SSDs. A possible solution to avoid bugs is indeed to defer the upgrade for a while. On another subject, we’re sorry but we don’t really have any control over the captcha messages you see, as they’re displayed by a third-party service. We’re working on a implementing another captcha system as we’re speaking.

  3. Morykyra says:

    It stops all Trion Games (Rift, Atlas Reactor, ArchAge, etc.) from loading.

  4. Greg Moore says:

    I used the Windows 10 upgrade assistant to install the creators update and immediately started having problems. I tried working around all the problems but couldn’t. I ended up rolling back to previous build of Windows. Now I’ve decided that I don’t want to be forced into having so many problems and would like to defer this update but since I have home version of windows I can’t figure out how to defer. Does anybody have any ideas??

  5. Kelley G says:

    I would rather not get updates out of the box as Win 10 anniversary edition completely messed up my pc.

    • Freddy says:

      That’s a very personal assessment, G.
      Remember, millions of users upgraded successfully, and the ‘failure’ rate was tiny.

      • jc says:

        You “sheep-herder” you. 🙂
        I’ve been in both camps you mention. But because millions of other people have a trouble-free existence, doesn’t mean everyone else will also.
        I just want my PC to work for what I do, and not be inundated with useless rubbish I will not use. I use apps that I want, NOT those that MS want me to use. For better or worse it’s called CHOICE; (old age, senility or whatever, but still choice).

  6. Dmd says:

    I need my computer to work and I can’t afford to have it messed up because of an update. I need to know how to defer this until they fix any disasters.

  7. Zebraxa says:

    The new update Windows 10 Creators wants me to delete two programs before it can proceed. One of the programs it wants to delete is 22Gb in size. So I will not be updating Windows 10 Creators just to reinstall 22Gb again.

  8. Dennis G says:

    On right clicking the Start menu, the Control Panel has been replaced with the Settings app,

  9. laurelp52 says:

    I also did not opt for the free X-box. My husband and I are not gamers. I think about all the extra hard drive space this upgrade for something I will never use or want will take up.
    Why would you install a program that takes up your hard drive space that you will never use?

  10. Peg says:

    I’ve tried installing the Creators Update on my laptop and had to roll back both times. Slow boot and functioning, settings don’t save after restart, laptop resets itself instead of sleeping when I close the lid.

  11. Mike R says:

    I have tried the current release and the distant fall release from the windows insider program. I find that there are a lot of Gizmos I will never use while they have removed one of its best features “Cast to DLNA device from the edge browser”. There is speculation that this is a bug and the feature will be reinstated but I am sceptical!. I run an ageing Vaio which runs Windows 10 very well but does not support wireless display or touch screen.

  12. Dan G. says:

    I’m sick and tired of Microsoft takes it upon themselves to update someone’s computer whenever they want to and how they want to with their goddamn forced updates that no one can opt-out of.

  13. Sandy says:

    I do not want this update. With this update I have software programs that will no longer work. These are programs I use to do my job from home. The creators of the software (bernina.com) will not be doing updates so the software is compatible with the new Windows 10

  14. Diann says:

    It crashes my DesignWorks software

  15. Roxanne says:

    I do not want this update insalled as I have learned it will interfere with my Bernina DesignWorks software. How do I stop the installation of this update? I can’t find a place in my settings to defer the update. Please help me to stop this until Bernina can find a fix around it.

  16. Susan Wight says:

    I do not need gaming or the create feature. If it does not download properly which is common, I am out money to pay someone to correct it. Also, there’s a good chance it will not be compatible as has happened before. I cannot afford to have my work interrupted on my computer as it is my job.
    Thank you.

  17. Lumia user says:

    Creators update doesn’t support Windows Phone 8.1 at all. So it’s a no-brainer for me — no Creators update

  18. H.G. HUDAK says:

    Can not control system fonts. Bold them, change number of points, etc., This is a big help for someone like me who is not blind, but has some vision impairment.

  19. Stuart Tickner says:

    This update has now been forced onto two of my Win 10 Pro PCs.
    On one, I was completely unable to reconnect the PC with my Kodak Printer. After many hours re-installing the first the drivers and eventually the entire software suite, I finally rolled back to the previous version version and all worked fine. I need my printer far more than this Creators Update!
    My laptop developed the same problem and also lost the ability to make connection to my church Smart TVs where I use Powerpoint projection via HDMI. I need the HDMI connection more than I need Creators Update so I have rolled back and all is well!

  20. Barbee says:

    Will not be able to use an expensive software on my laptop is the reason I absolutely do not want this update!!! Expensive software is already installed!!

  21. Richard Calkins says:

    Build 1703 eliminated my display settings and prohibits me from returning to my preferences because it does not include the “Advanced Display Settings” menu that is important for targeted text sizing. The “scaling” options make EVERYTHING larger, not just text. This W10 regression is a DISASTER and INSULT for those who want to customize windows.

  22. Brian Mazakas says:

    Don’t need the Creators funtions don’t use them

  23. Joanne Bailey says:

    It is freezing around 89-91%. We’ve had to do a hard shut down and *hope* Windows restores the previous version and keep turning off the update until someone from the IT department has time to deal with the issues.

  24. Aileen says:

    The update will disable an expensive program I use for work. It will not function at all.

  25. PJC says:

    You are kidding right….Why wouldn’t I want to update to the Fall Creators Update? Because I don’t want to be doing Microsoft’s troubleshooting (Or any one else’s for that matter). I always wait a few months before doing any major update so most of the bugs are fixed or workarounds have been established. Not a fan of pulling my hair out. Since Microsoft made it possible to still receive security updates (One of several reasons why I only run Win Pro versions), this is a no-brainer.

    • Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

      That’s a very valid perspective. We will upgrade on day 0 though and share whether we encountered issues or not. Keep in touch!

  26. James Pittman says:

    When Microsoft usually comes out with something new there is flaws and hang ups and other problems so I prefer to wait awhile.

  27. Carol says:

    I want to give it some time to install & work on others’ pcs & see if/what problems occur. I have low vision, poor hearing, & minimal expertise with all techy things. I want best shot at NO Problems.

  28. Stuart says:

    Everytime microsoft sends me the update assistant, I uninstall it

  29. Nernst says:

    I installed it but my mail client doesn’t work anymore, so I reverted back to the 1703 and all is well again. I have 10 home so will the fall update try to install again?

  30. Claude says:

    Windows tried to installed 1703 at least 10 times up to now without success. I tried all the recipes on the web to reset components, download manually, check disk errors, remove all USB devices, etc etc The only result is that I used all my data limit for the month ! Another Microsoft incompetent work. And I can’t even decide not to install the upgrade for a few months. Hostage once more.

    • Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

      I’m very sorry that you had such problems. You should definitely postpone the update and wait for a couple of months. Good luck with everything!

  31. Jack says:

    1709 replaces DLL files used by Office 2003, finally killing it off. It also changes the display options on a specific HP monitor to less than it supported in the previous version for reasons only Microsoft would know.

    Unfortunately, I have clients still resisting upgrading (though they’re running Windows 10) and after failed Office 2003 repair installs, I rolled them back.

    • Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

      Wow. I can’t believe that people still want Office 2003. 😐

      • ron says:

        Although I have 2016, I use 2010 as my default office bundle. If I had the option I too would be using Word 2003. It had all of the document editing features I need for my documents. Plus it gave you total control over the commands displayed on the menus. By comparison, the ribbon can only be modified in very crude and limited ways. I had the menu customized to show the commands I used, and I removed the ones I didn’t need.

        For everyone who has had specific problems with any of the Windows 10 updates, especially breaking “old” hardware and software, you should send your complaints and bug reports to directly to MS developers and managers using the “Feedback” process described in this link:



  32. Remi says:

    When it tries to install it freezes my laptop (CPU at 95%+ and Disk at 99%).
    My laptop has 2GB internal; 100GB harddisk.

    I checked what the features are; none of them i am interested in.
    Nothing in this update is of any worth to me.

  33. Arnold Baron (omnigold.baron@gmail.com) says:

    I have an older Acer notebook. When the update is installed, it over writes the graphics driver which distorts the desktop et al. and the original driver is nowhere to be found.

    • Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

      You can download a new one from the Acer website. Look for your specific model and download from there the latest drivers. Also, don’t forget to install them.

  34. James says:

    My drivers are not supported in the latest upgrade and windows has not provided a workaround. If I had known this I would have stayed with the system I originally purchased.

  35. Chip Hough says:

    This update changed the settings on my HP monitor. It made the device a generic device and I could not correct the settings. I had to roll back this update to fix the issue as HP could not help me fix the resolution problem. I do not want this update ever!!!

  36. Ton Webber says:

    In the update process towards 1709 I get an error 0xC0000005 which is in someway related to the HW of my HP laptop. This process continues. And I have no clue about what causes this problem

  37. James says:

    I’ve tried 3 times now to update to windows 10 1709 but each time I do it causes problems, seemingly with directx. My nvidia 660ti is capable of running dx 12 but when I try to launch some games through the steam platform (such as Rust or Space Engineers) it tries to tell me that I don’t have the correct dx version or something. Nonsense, works fine on the old version of windows before the update. Each time I’ve reverted I’ve left as many details through the feedback prompt to Microsoft but I guess their not listening. It’s been several months now.

    • Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

      Download older DirectX versions and install them. Your games will work again.

      • Rocco says:

        Maybe the whole point here is to NOT have to keep fixing your own computer because of forced feature updates.

  38. Cameron Mitchell says:

    It messes up the sleep mode of my well known popular brand laptop. Did they think about testing before release? Novel thought…

    • Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

      They did. However, you may need to find new, updated drivers for Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.

  39. D Rath says:

    Installing the Windows 10 Build 1709 update, causes the Drivers for my Ethernet and Wireless controller not to function. Because of this, I have no access to the Internet and have no solution to get around the problem. I cannot update the Drivers because there is no access to the Internet. Unless you can fix this, I need the 1709 Build removed from my computer and never to be installed.

  40. Shawna says:

    I don’t want the update, because everyone in my office has had to restore their computer back to a backup prior to the update, and we, at our small non-profit, do not employ a tech person every waking hour of the day when Windows Update decides to hijack our computers to help us get them running again. We have lost so much productivity to Windows Updates in the last year, it is ridiculous. Paper and pen is nearly more productive. Thank God for Google!!

  41. David B says:

    More than happy to have the latest updates for Windows 10, unfortunately Version 1709 continually freezes, after several hours at 82%, installation. When you reboot Windows it detects that you’re not running the latest version and starts to download the latest version AGAIN only to freeze at 82%!!!!. I have downloaded the Windows.ISO file and attempted to install offline and still it freezes. Currently I’m running Windows 10 Home Version 1607 so cannot delay installation :(.

  42. Marg says:

    I dont want the 1709 update, this computer cant handle it, and I certainly don’t need it to do what I need to so on this laptop. It’s fine on my main computer, it has greater speed and capacity. Windows keeps trying to install 1709 on this laptop and fails, several times now, and it wastes my download capacity, slows my speed, ties up the system, and frustrates me constantly. surely there must be a way to tell it to stop trying?????

  43. karen says:

    i dont want this update , right away , why ?, its simple , i have windows 10 home, i am busy alot, away from home , and i have a slow internet speed , when i got the fall update , it took 3 fricken days , and the update failed, so i had to set it on metered connection , download the ISO, burn image to dvd, then do the update…. i will have to to this same thing with the spring update, if this update crashes my pc, then i am upgrading to linux , my only bitch about microsoft …. is that they F**ked up the “windows update” feature . and i dont need all the eye candy,

  44. Scott D. Bartholoma says:

    Everything is working fine with the version of WIndows 10 I have. It’s not broken, I don’t want it to be fixed! I don’t care at all about the new features like timeline and won’t be using them. Things like that should be made available in the Windows store for free download, not be forced on us.

  45. NickQ says:


    My reason to delay the April 2018 update is simple; I want to schedule it when it suits me and when it presents the lowest risk to my user base. But this should apply whether you are in charge of 500 plus devices or just your home PC.

    Thirty odd years in IT, (some of them very odd), has taught me that upgrades may work well a hundred times, a thousand times but…

    If you are reading this and making comments, you are clearly not an average user and as this is a bit more that a security upgrade, my advice would be:

    1. Do it when you want to do it and after you have checked compatability with all the other software, hardware, apps and drivers on your machine.

    2. Upgrade after the inevitable early roll-out problems the average user, (unpaid beta testers), will probably encounter.

    3. Upgrade after you’ve backed everything up!

  46. Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

    This guide is about postponing the April 2018 Update. Please hit refresh and try again.

  47. Mr Movie says:

    It’s just that I’m tryna watch The Shining and the updates are making my laptop fan go crazy. I’d be happy to postpone then by two hours at least.

  48. George Chalaris says:

    after the update, there were major problems with the drivers for NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 560 Ti graphics card. The dual screens were not detected any more. I have installed the latest NVDIA drivers but there were still problems with the second screen. I decided finally to go back to the previous version and the problems were solved. I will wait for some months before proceeding to the new update.

  49. Dr Luis O. Kolarik says:

    Windows 10 update KB 4103727 crashed (black screen) two of our computers running Samsung SSD’s. Microsoft could not fix this problem and I had to reinstall Windows and all programs.
    Now the same is happening on my grand daughter’s ‘old’ computer I have built for her a few years ago, again running a SSD. The machine is trying to install this update again and again. Troubleshooting the Win Update does not fix the problem! I will try to stop this update now.

  50. Joseph Begg says:

    After installing APRIL 10 Windows update whenever I play a video my computer freezes,so I uninstalled it but keep getting messages to re-install it but obviously I don’t want to because of the issues it causes.

  51. janos.bednarik@gmail.com says:

    Why I don’t want to install that … just because it takes 4-5GB to download from the Internet on each of our Win10 PCs. The WAN is saturated, no other application can be used on the network. If there is any problem during the automatic installation, the download will start again, and again, and again. This is not a suspect, this is fact.

  52. Elsie Ardry says:

    I just checked my windows update page and I do not have an option to pause updates, only an on/off button to get updates automatically or not.

  53. John R. says:

    The wuhowhide tool run to completion and looks to have blocked the 1803 update on my system, at least for now.

  54. Chris Brady says:

    The latest Windows Update for October 2018 is widely reported as deleting gigabytes of personal and business files WITHOUT recovery in many instances. This is grossly unprofessional. Is this a deliberate ploy to force users to use OneDrive as a backup service. All data files are reported as being affected. Apparently this issue was raised by beta testers months ago yet was ignored. WTF?

    • Anonymous says:

      That is unfortunate indeed. Microsoft needs to improve its processes and deliver better quality updates.


    After getting update day by day, My laptop “Startup” getting slow.. Windows 10 2017, v1709 is first startup , Laptop open within 10sec.. but after day by day getting update, laptop open 1min sometime 1.30min… Thus I installed 1709 version.. and stop update by update blocker sotware.. Now My laptop run smooth and startup 10sec with v1709..

  56. mohamad fazli bin abu says:

    No comment just learning.

  57. Hal Winslow says:

    I am in health insurance and 80% of my business occurs from October through December. I can’t afford to risk my computer.

  58. Sally Jones says:

    I do not want the updates. 1) They interfere with my older software.
    2) They rearrange and move my files and delete files. I have lots of empty files after an update. 3) they reset Automatic settings that I have turned off.
    4) my two printers have to be reinstalled.
    I bought Windows 10 PRO to give me the option of delaying updates. But my old computer crashed. Microsoft will not transfer Pro to my new computer. I should not have have to pay again.
    5) I do not want and do not need any of the new bells and whistles. I am only interested in security. Not have ability to have 3D or write with my finger! I wish I had my Windows 7 and I would use it forever. Windows 10 is a big disappointment.

  59. Dissatisfied Windows User says:

    Personally, I think it should be against the law with what Microsoft has been doing and maybe? one day there will be some kind of class action suit that we – the users – will be able to be a part of! Think about it – This is a computer or a laptop or a tablet or whatever it might be – THAT YOU PURCHASED WITH YOUR OWN MONEY!! You are paying for the operating system as well and it is included in the price of the equipment, however they do that.
    ….. Now – How is Microsoft allowed to continue to take control over MY OWN piece of equipment and SCREW IT UP and interrupt anybody’s work that they might be doing – and it has done that many times to many people! I have walked away for a bit only to come back and find my laptop doing this UNGODLY update that goes on for hours and hours and hours and then my wifi goes out, which is not unusual for some people. Then the whole update process is screwed and you have to turn off your pc or laptop – which btw can cause other serious problems – and then you wait forever and do a restore and cross your fingers that everything will work out okay…..And then after all of that BS you still have to go through all of it all over again at some point!!!
    …. Anyone will tell you that if you shut off your pc during an update you can really mess things up. THIS IS ON MICROSOFT AND THEY SHOULD BE SUED OVER IT! Microsoft HAS NO RIGHT to mess with something that I PAID FOR! Is Microsoft going to pay to recover my information or pay me for the work I could lose out on because they have taken over my equipment and in turn mess it up possibly????
    …… Now – with that being said – they do have the right to provide support/security updates for their product, and they should, and I DO realize the importance of those believe me! They also have the right (even though I think it’s wrong) to stop support and security updates for their old products….Even though I might like their old product, as many of us out there have..So they have those rights as I just stated – BUT what they dont have a right to do is decide what I will do with MY PIECE OF EQUIPMENT. It is MY CHOICE if I want to update my software! It is my choice if I want to purchase a new operating system. It is my choice if I want to take a chance with their (not always functioning) updates. IT IS ALL MY CHOICE – As it should be! No one told me when I bought my laptop that you are buying on the condition that you will do whatever the operating system (Microsoft) wants you to do, even if it screws up your equipment. Sounds like the equipment owns me! It sounds like Microsoft comes up with the rules of how I will use my equipment, and really that is what the biggest cost is – is the equipment, not the OS.
    …..I cant tell you how many times their updates have screwed up things throughout the years and often changing back the settings THE WAY THAT THEY WANT THEM TO INVADE YOUR PRIVACY!….And then I have to reset everything again. Im not sure if the regular user knows all the ways they are trying to get information from you. The user needs to take a good look around their settings. I was surprised at some of the things that I found and of course their default was to obtain your infomation. I do not see how they are get away with their new update procedures. Now I cant even stop it, which may be a better thing to do in the beginning until they get all the bugs out of their own updates – as – “all we are are their guinea pigs”!
    ….. Last time I had a problem – 2 weeks ago, I had to go online on my IPAD to look for solutions and there were all kinds of people who had various issues with their updates! This took up time that I did not have time for and could have been avoided until I was ready for it! If I want to risk my laptop having a security hole or whatever – THATS MY PROBLEM!
    ….. Microsoft is embedding themselves into my equipment, my business, my life, and my time, etc! Since when do they have a right to do so? Simply because I bought a laptop that had Windows on it??!!! It is no wonder that people would prefer to just stay with their old OS regardless whether they are supported or not. I know I have on other equipment that I have and most likely will continue to do so. I HATE WINDOWS 10 – My personal opinion..I dont like to change something that I feel comfortable using! Everytime MS puts out another OS, you have to then spend all kinds of time trying to figure out where everything is etc. I hate the set up and hate all of the changes. I am still trying to figure out where to go to do this and that and I am very computer literate. I used to fix them! The same thing happened with their training, which I took years ago. Their OS certifications that you have spent big money on with the classes – just become obsolete when they change to another one. I guess that is the way life is now. These big companies dont really care about us – They care about the mighty dollar period! All MS is for me is a pain in the ***! Something that I would rather not have to deal with.
    …..What MS has done has built in all these things to fix lots of issues, and they keep doing more and more and more.. What they do not understand is that there are so many end users that do not understand so much of the repair questions and the guts of a pc and the operating system yada yada, so that they cant use these features anyway or they could really mess up their pc. Some are afraid to mess around with things and they have no idea how to do it. It doesnt matter whether you have installed that into the operating system. What is that saying – Too much of a good thing…… Now this is not me – I do fix my own and feel more comfortable doing so. However I know there are many end users that do not understand so much of it – And the more that MS adds the more problems and issues they add as well. They just have bloated their operating system.
    ……Sure – some of the things have been nice or helpful, but I dont see it that way. I want to get on my pc or whatever and do what I want and use it the way I want to. I can handle a few nips and tucks, and you have to stay up with the current technology and add something here and there so the new stuff works with it.

    ….. Microsoft has made us SLAVES to them and their updates. Now I find out that I can pause the update, but I went back in to pause it again and it wont let me pause again. ARE YOU KIDDING ME! That’s my choice. I think people are forgetting that IT IS US that has bought our equipment and Microsoft can screw it up real easily. Now I heard that MS is not coming out with another operating system – at least that’s their plan – Well Hallelujah! This madness should have stopped a long time ago, however, what they are going to do instead is to continually update Windows 10 OS, kind of like they did with SP1 and SP2 updates and such on other operating systems I guess, but this is going to go on for a long long time – and they are going to shove it down your throat whether you want it or not!!
    ….. So there you have it. As you can tell – Im not happy with the way they are deciding FOR ME what I should do with my own property! Just like they say in government – Stay out of my bedroom. Well stay out of my equipment as well! I will mess up my own equipment if I choose to do so all on my own. By starting an update that maybe one has missed (easy to do) they have taken over your stuff and inhibited you from working on YOUR OWN equipment – NOT THEIRS – and sometimes you might be doing something that is urgent etc. Im just shaking my head over this. Obviously, I have downloaded their updates through the years as we all have and we really have to because of the risks, but at least I had a choice!! Sorry I know I was repetitive! Should have saved it for a blog.

    • Dissatisfied Windows User says:

      The date issue I just posted is a perfect example of what Im talking about. I had to go into a setting and uncheck syncing with a time server! THIS IS RIDICULOUS! Ive NEVER had to do that before. Just more of microsoft’s USELESS damn settings that just gets automatically changed and takes up OUR time..

  60. Dissatisfied Windows User says:

    Just an example….I just posted my comment and it is dated the 24th of Jan when its only the 23rd! These are the kinds of things that happen when this damn thing updates! I didnt do anything! I have antivirus up to date. My laptop has been scanned. The date shows up okay on my system! But my laptop updated more Microsoft *** and now my date is off and I will spend time trying to figure this out now! Im disgusted with all of it. Last big update that did not work it messed up my power with my adaptor. Ive had it!

  61. Theo Fox says:

    Microsoft has well known reputation for putting out updates that crash systems. Safer to delay updates as long as possible to minimize defective updates.

  62. Charles Spelman says:

    Installed latest October 2020 update. Had to roll it back because automatic
    update was now stuck checking for new updates.

  63. Yanis says:

    About 99% of times, windows updates messes with various things, such as program functionality, local network visibility, user account settings and privileges, etc.
    When I do a clean format and apply the updates, this doesn’t seem to happen that much.

    I have been forced to keep a check list of things MS messes up and go around and fix them, to make my system operational. Keeping my updates from happening for a period such as several months saves me a lot of un-needed effort and time consumed.

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